The Delta Tango International DX Group was formed on 5th January 1993 in Preston, England under the founder member Allan 26DT01.

During the 1990's the Delta Tango International DX Group became one the most popular DX Groups in the world, with our excellent membership pack, lifetime membership, a dedicated founder and enthusiastic members.

In February 1998 founder member Allan, due to family and work commitments had to hand over the group to the management team.  At this point the group name was changed to Delta Tango 98.

As the years past and the propagation declined between Solar Cycles, many members lost interest in the hobby and the club virtually disappeared.

Move forward to 2010, Solar Cycle 24 is predicted to peek in 2013, propagation is again making worldwide radio communication on 11 metres a regular occurrence and the hobby is growing again.   Two dedicated Delta Tango members, 21DT106 Sven and 21DT002 Morgan, using the modern phenomena of Facebook, created a Facebook group for the Delta Tango International DX Group with the intention of finding the old members and reactivating the group.

Two years later and 94 Delta Tango members had found the Facebook group for their old DX club and the decision was made to create this website to give a  new home to the Delta Tango International DX Group and the possibility of the group becoming more active again.

The Delta Tango club frequency is 27.635 MHz USB.